Workshops available. Contact to discuss your requirments

Workshops are available as part of a talk or as an activity in it's own right. They can be organised for large or small group for a large gr Obviously prices vary according to numbers, requirements, location etc.

Workshops are available as part of a talk or in their own right. Prices vary according to the size of the group, requirement and location. ( I am based in B&NES)

Some ideas are below but feel free to make requests

Starter Projects

suitable for large group tuition


Using 3 straw plait

Heart Decoration

Using 3 straw plait


Examples made at a festive group workshop

Friendship Ring

Discovering 'Fill the gap' plait

Heart on a stick

For learners of a new plait

Spiral Weaving

Suitable for small group workshop

Lavendar Twists

A useful 'sampler' activity


Popular seasonal item for beginners to make

Drop Dollies

Mastering the techniques of enlarging and decreasing a spiral